Thank you to all of the citizen scientists that filled out our survey! We have written our first blog post with information about what we have found out, which we could never have done without you! You can read it here! Our second blogpost, all about the positivity and intensity ratings of the emojis is now also online, and you can have a look here!

We’d also like to extend a congratulations to our prize winners! In week 1, we had Rebecca Kneubuehler, Luca Bataillard, Lucien Chapuisat, Nicolas Sframeli, and one anonymous winner. In the second week of the data collection, we had Garance Selosse, Andrea Tarantini, Fanny Spichiger, Christelle Cocco, and one anonymous winner. The third week had lots of participants, so our ten lucky winners were Caroline Aegerter, Maude Berthoud, José Roberto Canivete Cuissa, Alexia Trombert, Laurenne Rakoto, Manon Isler, Lia Rotanzi, and three anonymous winners. In the fourth week our five winners were Roxane Kokka, Salome Leuenberger, Nico Müller, Diana Buechi, and one anonymous winner. In the fifth week, our winners were Isabella Good, Jonas Keller, Rebekka Haerter, and one anonymous winner. And in our sixth and final week of the survey, we had another 6 winners: Valérie Helbling, Rafael Huber, Larissa Schwager, Emilia Maier, and two anonymous winners. With the rest of our gift card budget, we did another draw with all participants who hadn’t won a card (yet), and our last winners were Selina Hess and four anonymous winners.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us by spreading the word, and especially to all the citizen scientists who rated emojis! We appreciate all your hard work and couldn’t do it without you!