What does the survey consist of?

The survey (DE and FR) consists of a limited number of tasks. For each task, you will see a screenshot of a real WhatsApp conversation with an emoji highlighted by a red box, and a series of questions. Every time you answer the series of questions about the one screenshot, you complete a task. The more tasks, and as such emojis, you rate, the more you help us with our research! Need help filling it out, or want to see how it’s done? You can check out our tutorial videos on YouTube in German or in French!

How will I know that my answers are submitted?

Your answers to the survey are automatically saved, so there is no submission button to click. When you’ve done all of them, or as many as you’d like, simply close the tab or the window!

The survey says 0 out of 354 or 289 emojis. Do I really have to do that many?

No! Just do as many as you want to. The maximum you can annotate is 354 or 289 respectively. You can always leave the tab open and return to it over a certain period of time. Or, you can create an account and come back to the survey several times to annotate more.

The survey is asking me for my email address to participate in a prize, how does that work?

We’re doing a weekly draw for 5 people to have the chance to win a 50 CHF gift card. Once the five people have been drawn that week, we will contact the people in question using the email addresses they have indicated. The email addresses will not be used for any other purpose and won’t be linked to any of the demographic information or annotation. The email address of everyone who participated that week but who did not win a gift card will be deleted from our records. A person can only participate once in a draw.

Should I create an account on the citizen science website?

Ideally, yes. You can participate without an account, but it will be easier for you to participate if you have an account (especially if you participate more than once!).

The survey is telling me I have already contributed, but I haven’t. What’s that about?

This means that someone on the same internet connection has already filled out the survey. The survey uses IP addresses to prevent people from filling out the survey more than once. You can try switching to a different WiFi network (or use mobile data), or create an account with the citizen science website.

Can I come back to my answers?

Yes! As long as you keep the tab/window open, you can pick up where you left off from! Otherwise, no.

Who can participate?

People aged between 18 (age of majority) and 95 years old can take part in this study. If you have any psychological (mental health, psychological disorders) or physical (dementia, etc.) conditions that could have a negative impact on your health, please refrain from taking part in the study.

What happens to the demographic information?

Any information you give us will be treated anonymously and will only be used to classify your answers. They will help us identify general patterns in annotation, but will not be used on an individual basis.

What if I suddenly no longer want to participate?

Each time you participate, you will receive a participant code. If you would like to withdraw your answers and your participation, you will need this code for us to be able to delete your contribution. You can fill out the designated google form here to withdraw.

What languages can I participate in?

As long as you are a native or a near-native speaker of the language, you are welcome to annotate the data. Please note that the survey in German contains Swiss German messages.

How many times can I take the survey?

We would like only one answer per person per emoji/task, so we recommend completing as many tasks as possible in one go, but you can participate several times! However if you notice that you are seeing the same screenshots to annotate, please stop filling out the survey. If you do participate more than once, we recommend that you register on the website so we can better treat your answers. In any case, make sure to save all of your participant codes!

The survey has crashed or some of the questions have display issues (the same option several times, the wrong multiple choice for the question, etc.), what’s with that?

Sometimes there is a cache issue. If on your phone or on a table, refresh the page. If you’re on a computer, try shift + refresh. If the issue persists, you can try to come back to it another day, or you can contact us to let us know.

What do I do if my question isn’t in this FAQ?

Head on over to the Contact page and get in touch with us!